Dear Stephen,
I have chronic lyme and have been on your protocol for 2 years. I worked up to the maximum dosage over a period of 6 months, stayed at the max for just over 2 months, and have been on a lower dosage since then. I am doing excellent. My symptoms (the order in which my joints swelled) have been reversing, and my swellings after being on your protocol have been very mild, short-lived, and few and far between. My wife takes astragalus as a preventative and has shown no symptoms of lyme.

We would like to start a family, and while others have warned us of a risk of transmitting to the baby, we feel the lyme is under control, and since our health otherwise is good, we feel we will still be able to have a healthy child. Do you think it is safe for a husband with lyme to conceive children with a non-lyme wife? Is it safe to conceive a child while I am on the protocol, or should I stop for a specific period of time before conception, and resume later? Thank you so much for your expertise. I’m sure I would have had a much worse time with lyme if not for your book.

Stephen’s response:
Yes, I think it safe to conceive and while on the protocol. I would just suggest she keep up the astragalus.
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