Dear Stephen,
I am a 42 year-old male and have had lyme for about four years. I have been on your protocol plus antibiotics for three months starting shortly after it was diagnosed. Over the past year in particular I have noticed the first signs of both varicose and spider veins appearing in particular between the ankles and calves and seem to be spreading. I wondered whether this could be a consequence of lyme. Should the protocol be sufficient to deal with this particular problem or would you have any other advice. Many thanks. Best wishes.

Stephen’s response:
I have not heard of this being a side effect of lyme; I don’t think the protocol will help it. The first approach I would recommend is the daily use of horse chestnut seed in capsules (standardized, 600 mg daily, which contains a minimum of 100mg of the standardized constituent). This will stimulate circulation to the lower extremities. Gotu kola is also good, 60-120 mg daily (standardized to contain 30-60 mg of triterpinic acids). Gingko is also good for this—and for blood circulation in the brain, so if you have any cognitive problems from the lyme it might be a good thing to add.
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