Dear Stephen,
I have a lot of persistent skin blemish issues (on my forehead along with skin tags; wart type erruption on my arms, etc.). I never had these issues pre-lyme so I’m thinking they’re connected. Is there any natural herb that might help to clear these issues? Once again, I greatly appreciate the advice. I’m so thankful to Stephen and his fabulous book/protocol and the bonus of this site.

Stephen’s response:
I don’t think they are directly related, however, warts, for example, can be caused, and often are, by viruses. Most people have warts, they are just very, very small. Often when the immune system depresses the warts can begin to grow. In many ways, a lot of illnesses people have are in balance with their bodies unless their immune system depresses. There are estimated to be perhaps 80 million people in the U.S. who have bartonella but are asymptomatic. If their immune function drops enough, it can bloom as an active disease.

I don’t know any natural protocols that I have found that are actually effective for treating those conditions, well, there is one thing: The one thing that will often work with certain types of skin tags and moles, for example, is to take tiny cotton thread and tie it around the tag fairly snugly. Then, each day, tighten it a bit more. It will eventually cut off the blood supply to the tag and the tag will just fall off. Usually, it will not recur.


[Editor’s note: The amino acid L-lysine is helpful against viruses, as is avoiding foods rich in the amino acid L-arginine such as chocolate and nuts. Do a Google search for natural anti-viral treatments and dietary recommendations. Also, as you treat the lyme and strengthen the immune system, the immune system should get better at controlling these sort of outbreaks.]

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