Dear Stephen,
I’ll try to be concise. I’ve had lyme for 4+ years. I’ve never been to doctor and won’t use their methods. I have tried pretty much everything and then some. I am at the end of my rope. My “primary” symptoms are SEVERE, 24 hour a day brain fog (derealization, cloudy head, novocaine brain, you get the picture), severe fatigue, anxiety, rage, blurry vision w/floaters, dizziness, vertigo, etc. I have tried knotweed (the real expensive one) to no avail. Cat’s claw, H202, liposomal C, detoxing, rebounding, fasting, salt/c, garlic, oregano oil, olive leaf extract, colloidal silver and on and on. I can’t get this crap out of my brain and eyes and would like to give knotweed another go. Do you feel that I am grasping at straws here or what? If not the knotweed then what? Again my PRIMARY suffering is the mind numbness and visual issues. Does that indicate Bart, Babs, or something else in addition to Borrelia? Thank you in advance.

Stephen’s response:
We worked with someone with these symptoms (actually, same symptoms but more extreme) for over a year and they finally did correct. Here is what the combined protocol looked like:
Raintree Nutrition cat’s claw 4, 4x day
Source Naturals resveratrol, 4, 4x day
Lauricidin homeopathic for lyme
Huperzine A, 100 mcg 2x day
Pregnenolone as per lyme book
Epsom salt hot baths followed by skin brushing
Infra-red sauna 3x week or so
Lithium orotate for neuro toxin support
Collagen support protocol from lyme book
Neurotoxin (Quin) protocol from lyme book
Licorice root tincture full dropper 3x daily
Eleuthero as per lyme book
Colloidal minerals (72 trace minerals formula)
Ambient as needed for sleep
Valproic acid (for seizures)
Klonopin (for anxiety/panic attacks as needed)
Combination of antibiotics (abx) of minocycline, zithromax, plaquinal for 3-4 months
In the above situation homicidal rage was extreme, as were anxiety attacks.
As the situation resolved antibiotics were discontinued as were the rest of the pharmaceuticals and teasel flower tincture was used which seemed to be the final piece needed. This particular person was hospitalized several times due to the CNS problems that were being experienced. Back to normal at this point.
I would highly suggest pharmaceutical antibiotics in this instance. Whether this combo will work (it took time to find the right mix) I don’t know but it did work for a similar situation quite well. The neurotoxin protocol is important. I don’t see stephania on the list of things used; I would highly suggest its use as well.
Hope this helps.
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