Dear Stephen,
I’m battling lyme with neurological problems. I just ordered Japanese knotweed, banderol,lithium orotate, samento, deer antler, laminaria digitata, flax, borage oil, bio curcumin with ginger, niacin time release flush, pure adrenal 400, provinal omega-7 fish oil, and bio b complex. Is there anything else you recommend? I also have tuberculosis in both my lungs and air hunger. I have gained over 100 pounds since I began battling this. All my muscles hurt, sacroiliac joint, and Achilles tendinitis. Where should I go from here?

Stephen’s response:
The second edition of Healing Lyme is generally what I suggest for neurolyme protocols. I do have some protocols for TB in the second edition of Herbal Antibiotics.
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