Dear Stephen,
I ordered your book Healing Lyme. In between I have a question regarding my lyme. I have had lyme for 1 year and 4 months now. One of my symptoms is that I get an numb sensation that is sometimes bad, other times not so noticeable, in my face – especially my cheeks and mouth area, jaw and neck – akin to the feeling of having had anesthesia from the dentist. It scares me and is unpleasant and I would like to know what this is, and what to do about this? Sometimes I also experience a similar sensation in my head, like brain freeze or something, along with fatigue, brain fog, blanking out, muddling up words, etc. Any help would be appreciated.
Stephen’s response:
I have had that problem myself in the past. It took a long time but I found that in my case it was a combination of two things. The first was a recurring sinus infection that, oddly enough, presents sometimes as that kind of numbness. The second thing was an upper molar on the left side where a root canal had occurred. The problem there was that the root of that tooth is very close to a nerve that runs through the face. When the dentist performed the root canal on that tooth, he overfilled the root. The mercury amalgam broke through the tip of the root and the broken part of the tip and the amalgam were too close to the nerve which, over time, began causing an inflammation in the nerve. Once I had the tooth pulled (which I hated to do) the problem began to recede. I treated the sinus infection as well and have not had that problem in some time. Given that you have lyme, the problem may also be related to either lyme or coinfection bacteria affecting the nerves in the face. Knotweed root can help slow that down considerably.

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