Dear Stephen,
I was finally diagnosed with lyme disease by a LLMD in March 2009. It took 6 years to figure out! A very slow decline of leg function and serious pain in joints and muscles. Traditional ABX treatment for next 12 months did not help much. Along the way LLMD also diagnosed babesia – antibiotic treatment was successful – RNA test confirmed babesia was gone. Only IGG antibodies in subsequent testing.
May-June 2010 – with new LLD (DO) – had 10 weeks of IM Bicillin weekly injection. Side effects were very difficult! Spinal tap (ordered by neurologist) in May 2011 shows no active lyme, also no bacterial, fungal or viral infection. But my neuropathy (paresthesia) continues. My body core is weak. Legs very unstable – unable to walk without walker or cane. Nerve sensations in legs and hips are seriously altered – combination of hyper sensitive and dullness. Trouble with diarrhea while on ABX, now the opposite – constipation in gut. My lyme doctor is puzzled why the neuro symptoms continue.
Had complete neurological analysis in past 6 months – Jefferson Hospital neurologist. No other diseases – MS, Lupus, Parkinsons, leprosy, ALS, etc. – running alongside. Infectious Disease specialist has also ruled out any other diseases from my extensive international travel. Neuro-opthamology also cleared me of any unusual illness. My blood work appears normal! What can I do to get my legs and walking back?
Stephen’s response:
Numerous people with lyme have presented with this problem. The first thing we suggest is knotweed root, dosage as per the book. We generally recommend brand rather than a standardized resveratrol made from knotweed root at this time. I would highly suggest the use of teasel, dosage as per the book. A collagen protocol, as per the book, is also very important to help protect and maintain the collagen in your joints. For constipation, please try vitamin C, effervescent powder. Take one tbl to begin with, it takes 3-4 hours to clear the bowel, if it does not, up the dose until it does work. it is very benign, no cramping or pain from its use. Please try ashwagandha, ½ tsp of powder in water, 2x daily, am and pm, for helping regenerate the nervous system and help with the nervous symptoms. You might also try hawthorn capsules 500 -900 mg 3x daily to help circulation and promote the healing in the other systems. We would recommend the use of the muscle toner blend from to help restore muscle tone and strength. Hope this helps.

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