Dear Stephen,
I was on IV antibiotics for 16 months and I developed Lichen planus in my mouth and on my fingernails. What would you suggest to help resolve this problem? Also, I want to thank you for the work you have done. It has been a blessing. I feel so much better since taking your protocol. I was on the protocol for 8 months. 6 months was when I was on the IV antibiotics. Thank you for being a friend.
Stephen’s response:
Make a mix of the following:

• Purslane (portulaca) tincture (one ounce)
• Aloe vera gel (one ounce)
• Calendula tincture (one ounce)
• Propolis glycerite (one half ounce)
• Myrrh glycerite (one half ounce)
• Two ounces water

Take one tbl 3x daily. Hold in mouth, swish around, hold for one minute, then swallow.

It will help the mouth, not sure about the fingernails but if it does it will take a few weeks.

Hope this helps.

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