Dear Stephen,
My son is 21 years old, has autism, and was diagnosed last May with babesia and lyme disease. He has had chronic ear pain since he was around 2 years old. He has head and severe ear pain, is also having vision problems, and is finding it hard to look in the front windscreen – he turns to avoid the brightness, closes one of his eyes. He communicates via his computer, with very limited speech. With antibiotic and herbal treatment he is slowly getting his strength back but still has this shocking ear pain and sometimes headaches. Any advice so appreciated. Warm regards.
Stephen’s response:
The symptoms may not be but often are associated with bartonella. I would try some Sida acuta tincture 10 drops 3x daily to begin with and see how he tolerates it then increase if necessary but he seems pretty sensitive. I would try pasque flower tincture for the ear pain to help with the pain itself. 10 drops no more than each hour is the adult dose, I would begin with 2-3 drops and see how he responds. Knotweed is good, would not use the andrographis in this instance. And the best thing to do is to trust your sense of what is helping and what is not. Skullcap is a good thing, you might also try coral root tincture for that as well and again, the pasque flower can help with this as well as the ear pain. My main approach to treat the headaches would be the knotweed root.
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