Dear Stephen,
I’m a breast cancer patient experiencing double vision for the past 3 1/2 months. I was finally diagnosed with a 6th Cranial Nerve Palsy. My doctors have ruled out a breast cancer metastasis to the bones/brain and EVERYTHING under the sun, except for lyme disease. I am not currently in treatment for lyme disease, but I was treated for it with doxycycline and levaquin (co-infected with mycoplasma and bartonella) over the course of two years. My last bloodwork showed a low CD57 and myco was positive again. It has appeared to become antibiotic resistant. My questions to you are: 1) Could lyme disease cause a 6th cranial nerve palsy? 2) What should I do for treatment? My doctors have told me that there is no treatment for it, and it should get better in a year. However, it has grew worse. My prism level jumped from a 2 to 4 in just 7 weeks. Thanks for your time.

Stephen’s response:
Both mycoplasma and bartonella can cause cranial nerve palsy. In fact it is somewhat common in mycoplasma. The best treatment for that, that I know of, is to treat the mycoplasma AND to use herbs specific for the palsy. Here is where I would start:

Cordyceps tincture, Chinese skullcap tincture, isatis tincture, houttuynia tincture ¼ tsp of EACH tincture in juice or water 3x daily
Sida acuta tincture: 30 drops 3x daily

– You can mix all these together in the same liquid.
Cordyceps tincture is, at present, hard to find, you can also use 2000 mg (capsules) 3x daily.
– Try for the Baikal (i.e. Chinese skullcap root tincture NOTE: do not use American skullcaps, they will not work for this)
– You can try for the other tinctures
– 1st Chinese herbs for the cordyceps capsules (Plum Flower brand) (Note from editor: If you click on the 1st Chinese Herbs ad below this post, you can get the code for 10% off this brand)

The cordyceps and the Chinese skullcap will help the palsy, however, what is very specific for it is:

• Kudzu root tincture; ¼ tsp 3x daily
• Lion’s mane tincture: ½ tsp 3x daily (, as yet I cannot suggest any other brands BUT this one)
• And if you can find it: Chinese senega root tincture: 30 drops 3x daily FOR 30 DAYS ONLY, you might try for this as well.

This should take care of it within 90 days or so.

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