Dear Stephen,
What else can I take to reduce brain swelling? What helps generate tissue for the small intestine? I have an irritation there and if I eat too much or drink too much it opens up and hurts. I take 4 gms sodium (Real Salt) and 4 gms vitamin C per day. I have gone thru the three week herx at week 20, 21, 22 on the Salt/C protocol for lyme. I had very strong body chills, swelling in my head (no headache), brain fog, some rage and leather/numb face. The head swell or brain swell is of concern. To help with toxin removal during this time I added milk thistle, red root, artemisia annua, boneset and sarsaparilla. These have all helped. The boneset is most noticeable in relieving the chills and cold body feeling. This is the first time I have felt warm in many years! It feels great to be warm. Currently I am taking one sarsaparilla 3x a day. Using a high dose increases the brain swell. Less and I get a swelling as well in different area. With the artemisia annua I have woken up a few times at night choking/coughing up thick mucus. OVERALL I am feeling much better. My ears are working better. Hearing is much clearer than in the past 4 years or so. Very noticeable clear crisp sounds. The twitch from my left eye lid is gone. My energy level is good. My stomach problem is less. I eat cooked food, smaller quantity 4x a day, Gottschall SCD diet, no dairy, no grains. I have very good and frequent bowel movements. My lower left eye lid is still swollen and I use the rue fennel eye wash 3x a day. My eyes are less itchy.

Stephen’s response:
I would suggest a juice fast for your intestines, please see my book The Fasting Path (see bookstore) for details. A water fast would be even more effective but I have a number of considerations about those with lyme doing one. Mainly, I think that the level of fatigue they normally experience would be extremely exacerbated on one, so I think a juice fast would be much better.

As to the brain swelling: I would suggest that you use the supplements for lyme neurotoxins along with knotweed as well as adding a ginkgo tincture. These should help clear that up in a month to six weeks. If they do not, please email again.

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