Dear Stephen,
Thanks so very much for the Healing Lyme book! I decided to start on the babesia handling (I’ve been self-treating lyme for about two years, but infected and mis-diagnosed for 6 years before that) even though I didn’t seem to have many symptoms of it. Surprisingly, it gave me the best improvement to date!! I’ve now started the Core Protocol, adding one herb every week, and will begin the first week of one capsule of each 3x a day this week. So far, I’m much less tired and can think more clearly. Also, the biosil seems to have made quite an improvement in my knees. My question: does pregnenolone act similarly to cortisone or prednisone? That is, does it have an immune-response suppressant action? Could you describe a bit more how this substance works in the body? (I tested very high for 1,25 D, and my husband’s is out the roof, so I am very cautious of these things.) Thanks again!

Stephen’s response:
No, pregnenolone is not like cortisone or prednisone in its actions, nor its molecular structure. Pregnenolone is the first metabolite of cholesterol, that is the first hormone that cholesterol is made into in the body. Eventually, through a long chain of processes cholesterol is made into the sexual hormones testosterone and estradiol. Pregnenolone is considered to be the mother hormone for all these many subsequent hormones. It is a steroid hormone but NOT a steroid. It is a natural substance produced by the body daily. It does not have an immune suppresant action that I am aware of and I have read the literature extensively. Pregnenolone is a long story but it is intimately connected to the formation of collagen and connective tissues through a number of mechanisms.
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