Dear Stephen,
I had lyme undiagnosed for almost 6 years until a year ago. Before starting your herbal protocol, I did antibiotics for almost a year. I had many effects from the meds, both good and bad. One particularly disturbing effect was an emotionally out of control feeling (despair, hopelessness, crying for hours) and I would decrease or stop antibiotics letting this feeling pass. I have now been on your herbal protocol for about 5 months and occasionally have a much milder version of this side effect. After all the odd neurological occurances with lyme, this didn’t alarm me much, I simply decreased or stopped meds/herbs for a while. My acupuncturist feels strongly that herbs taken correctly should not have such a negative effect. I have found that whatever dosage guidelines I’m following—herbs, supplements, prescription drugs—I require less than the average person. Through trial and error, I’ve become very aware of my individual needs. Any thoughts on if I could be taking the herbs incorrectly or perhaps in too high of a dose? Thank you.

Stephen’s response:
The protocol should be adjusted for each person’s ecology, the book offers a general guideline. The kinds of feelings you describe are normal for all people at some time. They are more common during times of illness, especially chronic illnesses such as lyme.

The redirection of energy levels to fighting the infection produces, normally, such feelings. Just getting really overtired from working very hard for a week or so can cause such a response. Further, there are emotional components to lyme infection that are rarely dealt with by anyone. The various parts of the body do hurt, they do get tired, they do feel helpless and sometimes hopeless, and they do cry.

The long road back to health involves grieving and working with the subtle alterations in emotion and feeling that occurs while traveling it. A chronic disease such as lyme demands an increase in self awareness, that is part of its function in a life well lived. It sounds like you are responding well to that challenge.

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