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Artemesinin with IV cefotaxime

Dear Stephen, Can I take artemesinin with IV cefotaxime? I have the Dr. Zhang formula and also researched Nutritionals brand. What dose should I do for lyme?

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Delayed orthostatic hypotension

Dear Stephen, I have delayed orthostatic hypotension in which my blood vessels dilate when my body is in prolonged upright positions. Therefore I am afraid to use knotweed or stephania, since both herbs are supposed to dilate blood vessels.

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Late stage neurolyme

Dear Stephen, I was diagnosed with late stage neurolyme and babesia ducani. I have constant humming, buzzing, vibrating, and tingling, and so much more.

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Taking vitamin C with tinctures

Dear Stephen, I mix my tinctures in about 4-8 ounces of water before I take them. Lately I’ve been adding the C-salt (effervescent vit C) powder. The vitamin C won’t neutralize the tinctures/herbs, correct?

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Japanese knotweed toxic to kidneys?

Dear Stephen, I am taking Japanese knotweed for lyme disease but read on selfhealth.com that long term usage can be toxic to kidneys. Are you able to comment on this for me please?

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Should progress be linear?

Dear Stephen, Have you seen people on the protocol get worse for periods of time without adjusting the dose, or is progress usually linear?

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