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Mycoplasma in 8 year old

Dear Stephen, My son has very high titers for mycoplasma (1:320). Can I treat mycoplasma first before I target lyme, and is the protocol suitable for children?

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Brain fog

Dear Stephen, Why does the fog come and go? I don’t want to go to sleep because I know it will be back shortly after I wake.

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DIY fermented wheat germ instructions

Dear Stephen, I have found several sets of instructions to make fermented wheat germ extract. Have you heard of anyone else making their own or is it worth paying $130 for 30 packets?

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Protocol approach

Dear Stephen, I’m battling lyme with neurological problems. I also have tuberculosis in both my lungs and air hunger. Where should I go from here?

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Maple syrup a good source of B12?

Dear Stephen, I have been told that a good source of vitamin B12 is maple syrup and that B12 relieves arthritic joint pain. Are these statements true?

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