Dear Stephen,
I’m 41 years old, I had lyme 13 years ago, and got better after one and a half years. Three years ago I was diagnosed with type-1 diabetes (at age 38). My current nutritionist who has me on a really effective diet obviating the need for insulin, thinks I still have lyme underlying this whole thing. She wants me to take Japanese knot weed. Does this make sense, and if so, given that I don’t have “classic” lyme symptoms (I do have trouble gaining weight and have never felt as energetic as I once did), what should I take exactly? All the best, and many thanks.
Stephen’s response:
I would suggest rhodiola tincture (Herb Pharm brand) as a general adaptogen (1/4 tsp 3x daily) and the use of pine pollen tincture 30 drops 3x daily directly on the tongue, not in water ( They should help your energy. The nutritional approach sounds great. This should help, too. I don’t feel knotweed is indicated here.

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