Dear Stephen,
My sixteen-year-old daughter has lyme and multiple co-infections. One of the many troubling symptoms is a rash that has developed on the back of her head, in the upper neck area near her hairline. Dermotologists believe it to be either psoriasis or eczema. I believe it to be the site of the original bite. There is a rash that looks like a bull’s eye. It has recently been spreading throughout the hairline and is very itchy and red especially after exercise. She has not been on antibiotics for well over a year and is rifing and sees a naturopath. What would you suggest she do for the rash that appears to be spreading? Thank you.

Stephen’s response:
Well, it could be a bull’s eye rash, they sometimes tend to recur in later stage lyme. Irrespective of that, treating that kind of rash is often difficult because it is in the hair. Here are a few suggestions. If it does not clear up, contact me again in a month or so.
Pine pollen cream – you can buy this online, it is moderately expensive (about $40 which I think ridiculous), however pine pollen is very specific for this kind of condition.
A stephania/Japanese knotweed salve is often very helpful for this kind of thing. You will have to have an herbalist prepare it for you as there are no commercial preparations available. The people at Woodland Essence probably would do it for you.
As well, an herbal cortico-steroid cream from willow or aspen bark can help. Woodland Essence can also probably supply this.
Putting these kinds of creams in the scalp is a pain but they can help. I would also highly suggest you do the following:
Pregnenolone 100-200 mg daily
Biosil 6-20 drops daily in water or juice
Glucosamine sulphate 500 mg 3x daily
Zinc picolinate with copper (if you can find the combination) 20-30 mg daily
This can help the underlying collagen structures.
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