Dear Stephen,
I am 50 years old and only weigh 90 pounds. I was diagnosed with late stage neurolyme and babesia ducani. I took antibiotics for 6 months and then artemesinin for almost one month but didn’t get up to the full dose. I am still having severe stomach issues. Since I didn’t get up to the full dose should I try it again so I can try to cure the babesia? Also, should I finish that treatment before I start any of the core protocol for the lyme? Should I take the recommended dosage of the herbs since I only weigh 90 pounds. I’m so ill, please let me know. I also have severe nervous system damage. I have constant humming, buzzing, vibrating, and tingling, and so much more. I’m in agony. Will the protocol relieve it and help me rest? I hardly ever get any sleep. Thank you for your help. I’m in misery and hell. I just want to feel well. Also, one other question: are any of the herbs you recommend addictive, or do they work in the same way as benzodiazopenes because the doctors gave me benzos when they should have been giving me something to treat the lyme. My body became addicted to the ativan and so I’m concerned whether any of the herbs would do that. Thanks for your help. Sorry for so many questions – I have no where else to turn.
Stephen’s response:
You can take the lyme protocol at any time. Take 2/3 the recommended dose at your weight. Try niacin and B-12 for the vibrating/tingling and stephania for the humming. If you take liquid melatonin just before bed it should help your sleep. I recommend melatonin nano-plex from Premier Research Labs. Put one drop on the back of your hand and lick it off – the best way to control dosage. The herbs are not addictive.

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