Dear Stephen,
I’d like to thank you for writing such a wonderful, comprehensive book (Healing Lyme). I’m a former pharmacist and found it very well written and extremely informative. I’ve been reading about using grapefruit seed extract as a cyst-buster for Borrelia, and was wondering if you could shed any more light on the subject. I experience great relief of my symptoms with tinidazole, but not only is it quite expensive, it is associated with permanent peripheral neuropathy when used for extended periods of time. It would be great if I could look to switch over to GSE sometime.

Stephen’s response:
Thank you for your kind comments on the book. I did not look at GSE in lyme as it is not very systemic. It should be effective for lyme infection of the GI tract but I doubt it would do well for the central nervous sytem or secluded cysts.
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