Dear Stephen,
I’ve had lyme symptoms for about six months now, mostly recurrent general weakness, fatigue and muscle ache, especially in the lower legs. After taking doxycycline at a high dose for 6 weeks supported by some herbs and sauna for another month, then teasel root tincture and other forms of detoxification plus homeopathic remedies and Bach flowers, my symptoms all but disappeared but I suspect I still have lyme in cyst form. A friend of mine said that bismacine is the only known thing that will kill off encysted lymes. What is your perspective on that? If bismacine is something to recommend (I’ve only found FDA warnings about it on the Internet, stating it might be lethal), how safe do you think it is? Should it be combined with other approaches/herbs? In what form—oral or IV? Who would do such a treatment? Thank you very much.

Stephen’s response:
In my opinion bismacine is exceptionally dangerous. I would not use it. It is lethal. I personally know of several deaths. For your fatigue you might try eleutherococcus at dosages laid out in Healing Lyme. Also: for that kind of general weakness and fatigue I recommend a combination tincture of pine pollen, aralia nudicaulis, and American ginseng. Kate Gilday at carries it. These two things and perhaps the regular use of low dose knotweed will clear your symptoms.
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