Dear Stephen,
I am a desperate mother of a 14 year old girl, weight around 47 kilos. She has had horrible headaches and a lot of other symptoms (e.g., she cannot stand light, noise, movement around her) for the last 7 months. Two weeks ago she was diagnosed with lyme and bartonella and is on rifampicine 300mg and azytromycine 250mg. Luckily I found your book on Internet – could you please, please give us a protocol for this age and weight. We live in Antwerp, Belgium and have nobody to turn to. Thank you so much in advance.

Stephen’s response:
The protocol is designed for someone at 150 pounds, so she weighs around 100 lbs, so just take 2/3 of the dose for her. Use both the lyme core protocol and the bartonella protocol together, but you do not need to use double the knotweed dose, just use the larger amount. It will cover both conditions.
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