Dear Stephen,
I wanted to ask for you of your knowledge of the herb yerba santa
that grows in the mountains of the west coast and inland some. I live
in Big Sur, California and have been drawn to this herb and feel for me it could be very beneficial. Being familiar with the fact that a lot of strong antimicrobial herbs are bitter it also makes me feel that it has potential for helping recover from lyme… do you ever use this herb in your practice? Or do you know of it has a place in healing lyme disease? Thanks a million for your tireless giving of your time and energy.
Stephen’s response:
Yerba santa is a great herb. I use it primarily for lung infections, lung inflammations, constricted bronchial passages, and so on. It is a good topical anti-inflammatory as well. And it smells delicious. I don’t know how effective it would be in lyme but it will make you feel better in general. Just happier, really. (And thanks for your kind comments).

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