Dear Stephen,
Are there any hormonal changes or other side effects of the herbs in your protocol that might affect women’s menstrual cycle, breast tenderness, menopause, fertility, or sexuality? It would be helpful to have all of these things together in one place rather than have to search all the different herbs. Some of us on your protocol have experienced breast soreness / tenderness recently, for example, but it is unclear if your protocol has contributed to that or not. It would be helpful to be able to make adjustments, if so. Thank you.

Stephen’s response:
Most of the herbs affect pregnancy and should not be taken during pregnancy or if becoming pregnant. Otherwise, I am not aware of any other problems from them along these lines. Breast tenderness might conceivably be caused by the estrogenic actions (very mild) of knotweed but this would be exceptionally rare in my opinion and not something to expect at all.
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