Dear Stephen,
Since the onset of lyme, I have been experiencing very disturbing, constant internal motion, along with all of the classic symptoms of multiple sclerosis. It feels like I am standing in a boat on the ocean, or in a plane in turbulence. This goes on 24/7 and worsens to a greater degree if I become sick or herx. I was also placed on antibiotics for 13 years daily (ugh!) as a child for rheumatic fever, so candida has always been an issue. Your suggestions or input would be greatly appreciated. Many thanks.
Stephen’s response:
To deal with the long term candida problem, I would actively rework your bowel flora. I would suggest a short fast (primarily juice fasting) and then the use of probiotics as you are coming off it (see my book on fasting for more). I would try both Sida acuta tincture and stephania for the internal motion problems. It may also be that your kidneys are not as healthy as they could be. During the fast I would highly suggest the use of fresh juices that include a lot of celery juice. This can help as well.
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