Dear Stephen,
Do you know anything about Tricostema lanatum and Prunella vulgaris? They both have the common name of “Blue Curls.” They were said to have been used by the Indians and to have many healing traits. I’m interested in sources to buy either one, but particularly Tricostema lanatum. Also, is there much difference between Tricostema lanatum and Tricostema lanceolatum that you know of, or should their medicinal effects be equivalent? Thank you.

Stephen’s response:
Prunella is really called Self-Heal, few use it now though it is showing some promise in treating herpes. I consider it primarily a gentle relaxant for the stomach and nervous system. If someone has experienced trauma and needs soothing. Tricostema is primarily a soothing herb for upset stomachs. Prunella could be of help in lyme in that it may act to help reduce CNS problems in neuro lyme. I wouldn’t necessarily recommend either as a main treatment for lyme.
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