Dear Stephen,
After a year of lyme treatment, I recently tested positive for several viruses including EBV, HHV6 and varicella. My doctor believes that I need to lower the viral load for the lyme treatment to be effective and recommended antiviral medication. After only a short time on these drugs, I had a dramatic reduction in fatigue and other symptoms. However, it is my understanding that these viruses will always remain in my body with the potential to reactivate if my immune system becomes suppressed. Are there any herbs that can lower my viral load and help keep these viruses at bay?

Stephen’s response:
My primary view is that such viruses cannot completely be eradicated and that they serve as an indicator of how well you are taking care of yourself (I speak from personal experience). To really deal with them you need to keep your immune system healthy and strong. I would recommend regular use of Siberian ginseng (a 1:5 ratio tincture as a tonic), ashwaghanda, and astragalus. The best antiviral herb is lomatium. It is very strong. That together with the immune herbs can do a lot to keep you well.
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