Dear Stephen,
I was recently put on your core protocol (knotweed, cat’s claw, andrographis, eleuthro) for lyme disease by my acupuncturist. I added
teasel root my second week. I am into my fifth week of this protocol. However, I also have a bloodwork diagnosis of Babesia duncani and a clinical diagnosis of bartonella from a lyme specialist. I just read in your book that you suggest treating babesia first for a better outcome of lyme treatment. My questions with this are: Do you suggest also treating bartonella before lyme? Should I stop the core protocol and treat the co-infections first or add herbs for treating the bartonella and babesia to the core protocol? Which co-infection do you usually treat first? Also, I think I am herxing like crazy this week (fatigue, brain fog, slightly imbalanced feeling) and having GI complaints of frequent urination, loose stool, yet also constipated (not a lot passing). I am also taking a lyme homeopathic nosode this week- perhaps this is overkill. Do you think I should reduce some of the herbs and which ones? What do you suggest for detoxing? I am taking 3 dropperfulls of sarsaparilla daily, drinking lemon water in the morning. Thinking of doing epsom baths again, too. Thank you.

Stephen’s response:
Keep on the prototol and simply add cryptolepis for the babesia. For the bartonella add red root tincture and boneset tea if you wish. I would treat all of the infections simultaneously. Herxing can be a problem and over time I have not seen a lot of good help from the sarsaparilla, it seems more hit or miss. Chlorella and spirulina do help herx reactions.
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