Dear Stephen,
I have been treating lyme for two years now with some progress. Currently I am on the core protocol. My last blood test came back positive for brucella. Are there any herbs recomended for brucella? I did see a study that Oliveria decumbens was active for this infection but did not see any place to purchase it. Thanks.

Stephen’s response:
Oliveria is native to Iran, so since it is not petroleum it is hard to get here. I would love to be able to use it myself but as a substitute I would recommend that you use a mixture of Lomatium dissectum and Ligusticum porterii (osha) – along with Sida and Isatis, to treat it. It will respond to some extent to those first two plants. It is also susceptible to juniper berry, I would try 10 drops of that 3x daily for 10 days and see if it helps. The first mix can be used 30 drops 3-6x daily for a few months.
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