Dear Stephen,
Hopefully you are having a blessed day today. Just wanted to inquire on your thoughts on the whole “biofilm” issue that is being discussed recently. Do you feel that these bacterium and other pathogens are indeed protected by these biofilm layers and that they must be treated simultaneously with herbs and/or antibiotics? If so, there has been mention of certain enzyme formulas, heparin, etc. that could assist in doing just that. What are your thoughts on that? Very grateful in advance for your time and willingness to pass your knowledge down to the lyme community.

Stephen’s response:
The lyme spirochetes are very sophisticated and use a wide variety of strategies to protect themselves from harm, biofilms are just one form of protection along with encysted forms and so on.
I do discuss in some detail why heparin is useful in treating lyme in Healing Lyme. There are certain substances that can help facilitate the treatment of lyme. Over time more and more will be known and the most efficient form of treatment will emerge. We are all pretty much in the learning stage. I prefer the use of knotweed as it facilitates the action of both herbs and pharmaceuticals; it is one of the great synergistic substances to use in the treatment of lyme.
Whether these enzyme formulas will actually work well over time cannot be known until a lot of people try it. As most people with lyme know, some things work well for some people and not so well for others.
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