Dear Stephen,
I had a positive test for babesia last year as well as a positive lyme test (bitten in June 2006). I had 3 months of atovaquone and azithromycin for the babesia last year, but felt it was coming back after Christmas this year. I ordered your book and thought I would give artemisinin a try instead of going back on the other medications. I immediately noticed a strong effect – I was sleeping less and less achy as a general rule. However I also had what I think was a massive herx – lots of increased babesia symptoms (night sweats, flu like aches, feeling hot and cold). These symptoms came and went quickly. I was feeling positive about the artemisinin but I also have had some very nasty psychological symptoms. Occasionally I would feel very anxious and sometimes low as well. I managed to cope with this as I did feel that the medication was helping overall. I introduced red root only after about 2 weeks. However in the last week my anxiety and low mood got unbearable and I started to get other neuro effects such as distorted visual perception. So much so that I had to stop today as I felt like I was going crazy! I’ve done overall 24 days on 300mg and 2 days on 200mg and 2 days on 100mg. Do you think this will be enough to kill the babesia or should I think about trying the other herb you recommend (cryptolepis)? I’m not keen to try the artemisinin again as you can imagine! Thank you so much for your very helpful book – so useful for people like me! Best wishes.

Stephen’s response:
I think that artemisinin is often a pretty strong thing to take and I have heard a lot of reports of side effects and so I think that it sounds like enough for you. You did take it quite awhile and I think it may be enough. If your symptoms do return I would then try the cryptolepis but it seems clear that artemisinin is a strong supplement for you. You might also consider taking a tea of the whole herb, it should be a lot less intense.
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