Dear Stephen,
I’ve tried cat’s claw for some weeks and it seems to help me a bit. With andrographis I had some customs problems here in Germany. I’ve noticed on higher doses of cat’s claw I get into semi-trance states, with a unique and focused body sensation. In the first week I felt the urge to bring myself into certain body postures, like spontaneous yoga or a reflex massage. I’ve also felt an increased heartbeat. It doesn’t feel unpleasant though and I thought it was actually healing. I would like to know if somebody else has experienced this or if this is a common phenomenon. But my actual question is: I’ve read that a Swiss lyme research team (mainly Dr. Martin Sievers) discovered that samento didn’t help anything; it even could increase the lyme population. It seemed to be a “in vitro” test, but this probably is without meaning since it doesn’t take the cat’s claw->immune system->lyme interaction into account. What do you think about this?

Stephen’s response:
I am not, in general, a fan of samento (TOA-free cat’s claw). I prefer the whole herb preparation (I discuss this in my Healing Lyme book) for a lot of reasons. I am not much a fan either of in vitro studies. They give indications only and are not definitive of anything much. Many people have experienced relief from cat’s claw and the studies that back that up are not in doubt. The urge you report of wanting to sit in particular postures is uncommon but does happen. Many people report that those postures do indeed help healing.
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