Dear Stephen,
My doctor has prescribed use of “Quintessence” tincture, which is a tincture of the following herbs: andographis, Japanese knotweed, smilax, red root and stephania root. Do you feel this product provides a sufficient dosage/mixture of your lyme protocol (I’m using 10 drops three times per day)? Would you recommend adding in additional or any of the other herbs listed in your Core Protocol (e.g., Raintree cat’s claw) or otherwise in your book?

Stephen’s response:
Some people do get well on what I tend to call homeopathic herbal doses, which are not homeopathic medicines but low dose herbal tinctures. Others need higher dosages. I tend to be primarily a high dose person myself most of the time. If you are getting better, they are working. However I would personally tend to use more like 1 tsp 3x daily, which is likely to get me in trouble with your physician for suggesting it. Basically, just see how you do, if you get better, it’s working, if not, then an increase may be in order.
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