Dear Stephen,
I have confirmed lyme and Hep C (genotype 1A, 20+ yrs). Last year, I developed Morgellon symptoms which is what led me to get tested for lyme in Dec06. I was also experiencing strong symptoms of babesia (shortness of breathe/air hunger/pounding/racing heart). My spleen is very enlarged. I am certain I acquired lyme from being bitten by rat mites nearly 10 years ago. I have been self treating with alternative medicine protocols exclusively for HCv since 1997 when I was finally dx’d (was symptomatic since mid 80’s). My liver is extremely sensitive to many things. Abx is obviously not an option or practical approach for me. I tried the Salt and C protocol and had to quit after a few weeks. It nearly killed me even at the lowest starting dose. I developed pancreatitis and became very ill and toxic.

After concentrating on detoxing, cleansing and rebuilding, I began to focus on treating the lyme again. I’ve been using samento, cumanda, burbur and neem for the lyme (pulsing) along with a Photon Genie for around 6 months. I must put the extracts in boiled water 1st to evaporate the alcohol as I do not tolerate ANY alcohol. I tried artemisisin for the babesia and my liver reacted immediately. I cannot take it at all.

I decided to try cryptolepis. I have been taking it for about 2 months and am now taking 30 drops 2x/day (also in boiled water 1st). My liver seems to be doing quite well with the cyrptolespis. Typically, my liver will scream at me immediately if it’s something that I can’t tolerate. The air hunger and heart symptoms have stopped completely. I’m still having lyme and Morgellon symptoms (lyme arthritis, ringing ears, fatigue, skin lesions, visual disturbances, etc.), especially from the new to full moon lunar phase (like right now). I take NutraSilver(NS) for the Morgellon condition. I take 30 drops 2x/day. If I stop taking NS, all hell breaks loose and I develop painful crater like sores that won’t heal with exiting specs (some sort of microscopic larvae or bugs). As long as I take NS, the lesions are minor and heal. Otherwise, NS is not curing me, but keeping things from getting out of control. The nightmarish Morgellon mystery ensues.

My question is: Should the cryptolepis be pulsed? I am so grateful for the relief it is giving me from the babesia. I don’t want to stop and risk remission of symptoms. Since not much is known about the use of cryptolepis, it was suggested that I ask you for advice. Any input gratefully appreciated.

One more thing, what is your opinion regarding teasel with regard to liver toxicity? I’ve heard both that it’s good for the liver and also that it’s toxic to the liver. Thank you.

Stephen’s response:
You do not need to pulse cryptolepis. I don’t feel that teasel is liver toxic, however it does sound that your body is exceptionally sensitive. The best thing, always, is to pay attention to how your body responds to whatever you are putting in it and adjust in response.
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