Dear Stephen,
Your protocol, which I implemented 15 months ago (Oct’05), has produced a gradual and deep recovery from much of the cognitive, joint and immune issues experienced over the past 10 years. Despite 3 subsequent tick bites, treated by reinstating max doses for 2 months each time, I continue to do well. Cognitive issues seem the most difficult to resolve. Any additional info on pros/cons of long term use of pregnenolone, vincamine & Hup A? Thank you.

Stephen’s response:
I am glad the protocol worked so well for you. As to your question, I see no contraindications for long term use of those supplements. If you have not, you might try ginkgo to help the cognitive problems. You might be experiencing hypoperfusion as I discuss in the book and it is specific for that—80 milligrams 3x daily of a STANDARDIZED extract. Nonstandardized extracts will not work for this.
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