Dear Stephen,
My daughter was diagnosed at 18 months with JIA and then we had a positive lyme result through DNA testing. She was on a mixture of antibotics and herbals for 8 months and seemed to be in full remission for a year after treatment ended. She has recently experienced a flare-up of her arthritis, her SED rate is up and she is actually positive for lyme now. Do you have any specific recomendations for a young child with persistent lyme arthritis (knee, elbow, foot/ankle and toe)?
Stephen’s response:
The first thing to know is that nearly all children spontaneously resolve lyme within 18 months or so and their symptoms are usually confined to arthritic ones. It is unfortunately common, however, that lyme does come back after antibiotics. I would use teasel root to treat her to begin with and see how that works, then after a few weeks add in cat’s claw and knotweed root. The dose needs to be reduced for her weight but in this case I would use tinctures, as they are easier to work with in children. I would begin with 10 drops 3x daily of each. In juice or something. See this post on pain management for more:
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