Dear Stephen,
I have read that Oregon grape root is not to be taken long term. Some say no longer than a few weeks. Not sure it has any benefits for lyme and co-infections, but I do suspect the lyme I have is in my GI tract which is affecting my digestion, so I am taking it for digestion and helping to heal GI tract and also eczema primarily. I will be doing your protocol eventually, but wanted to see if I could jump start the healing of my eczema and digestion with this herb as I know I can tolerate it. I have an alcohol based tincture of OGR and started with 5-10 drops as I am so sensitive and wanted to be sure no ill effects. I increased daily and now about three weeks into it I am at 30 drops per day. I’d like to get to 30-40 drops 2-3 times per day. Am I to be concerned with long term use at those dosages or should I do a few weeks on and a few weeks off or something to that effect and keep with a rotation? Your suggestions or advice is much appreciated.

Stephen’s response:
I am not sure why they are saying this; the herb is not that strong though it is often effective for GI tract troubles. Perhaps they are confusing its strength with goldenseal. The best thing to do for GI tract and eczema is a diet cleanse first (see my book on fasting or any good one that covers fasting) then begin to work on the digestion. Eczema can be helped topically by the use of herbal steroidal creams (nothing like pharmaceutical steroids) which will often clear it up while the diet and GI tract work is going on. (Try for the herbal creams). I see no reason not to do Oregon grape root long term.
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