Dear Stephen,
I’m in a bit of pickle… I was diagnosed in April after 12 years of suffering from CFS. I immediately started on your protocol as I did not wish to go down the antibiotic route. When my nutritionist returned from a lyme conference in Dublin she was keen that I start the Lee Cowden protocol, which I have. BUT. Just read Connie Strasheim’s first book which implies that mixing up protocols can reduce overall effect of treatment and of individual protocols. Should I not do both at the same time or is there a way of combining the two to great effect??? I like what both have to offer but realise that although both natural, they work on different principals. For instance is Lee Cowden’s a pulse approach? I worry that taking your herbs ongoing will encourage the spirochete to hide thus rendering Lee Cowden’s protocol useless. Thought about doing one week on your protocol, one week on the Cowden’s, a week off and then your protocol plus rizols during week leading up to Full Moon. And maybe taking weekends off altogether to rest my liver and entice the spirochetes out from hiding. How long does it take for the spirochetes to come out after stopping an antimicrobial attack.. a day, 2 days, 2 weeks? Also, what are your views on the Biophoton machine?

Stephen’s response:
Here is what is true: nearly every lyme person, again: nearly EVERY lyme person, comes up with their own treatment blend over time to fit their exact situation. There is nothing wrong in blending protocols. Most people do it one way or another. As I say over and over again, there is NO one way to health with lyme, use what works and discard the rest. I have heard from over a thousand people that have gotten well on some form of the protocol I suggested, they have NOT noticed the spirochete hiding and I am not sure that any herbal protocol of any sort causes that. In general, if you are going to just use a few things out of my protocol, use the knotweed and the cat’s claw and combine that with whatever other protocol you wish. No thoughts on the machine.
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