Dear Stephen,
Can andrographis make your blood pressure TOO low? My normal BP is 90 over 60. I haven’t started andro yet but the book mentions that it lowers BP. I think a few of the other herbs also have this effect. Could this be potentially dangerous? Thanks!

Stephen’s response:
This is a good question and I am not really sure of the answer. My review of the literature does not turn anything up on that particular question and I have not heard from anyone using the herb that they have had that experience.

I would suggest taking it in a small dose and seeing what happens. If you experience a significant drop, stop the herb.

My gut response is that the herbs will most probably have a pressure normalizing effect, rather than a pure hypotensive effect and that the knotweed will moderate any hypotensive effects of the andrographis, but this is only a gut feeling.

The best thing to do with most herbs (and pharmaceuticals for that matter) is to see how they effect the individual person and then adjust the dose for their particular body ecology.

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