Dear Stephen,
Two years ago I was given doxycycline for lyme, but with discontinuation of the antibiotics I began to experience symptoms again, so I purchased your book and began your lyme protocol. I had good success and my symptoms gradually subsided (thank you!) and I eventually stopped the herbs. However recently after having surgery for endometriosis, I began to experience sudden joint and nerve pain. I noticed this directly in correlation with having been on cipro for a post-surgery infection. In response I started using andographis, resveratrol, and several other herbs with some success for the pain, but as my husband and I are trying to conceive, I discontinued andographis and any supplement I thought might be dangerous in pregnancy after two months so we could “try”. I thought Japanese knotweed would be safe, so I continued it and was dismayed just now to read a comment of yours that it may interfere with implantation. Can you tell me where I can read more on this? It is possible that I have conceived this cycle (based on symptoms I’ve been having–too soon to test). I hate the thought that my using knotweed (resveratrol-Gaia brand) might have kept the conception from sticking. But at the same time, knotweed really seemed to be helping (my symptoms have not completely let up – they got worse when I stopped andographis), and I don’t want to discontinue knotweed if the risk is extremely low. Please give some guidelines for what can keep my symptoms in check while still allowing for pregnancy. Also I was wondering: if knotweed may interfere with implantation, could that mean that should implantation be firmly established and a pregnancy underway that it might be fine to resume resveratrol from then on? Thank you so much for your time and consideration. It is bewildering trying to figure out what to do when pregnancy enters the equation!

Stephen’s response:
That it may cause implantation problems does not mean it does. Like all substances it affects different people differently. Because it affects blood vessel formation and development, personally, I would not use it when pregnant. You can try stephania as an alternative. Please read the contraindications and cautions in the lyme book on that herb.
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