Dear Stephen,
I have been doing the core protocol for about 10 months with good results. I recently added the astragalus as a preventive measure and had some unpleasant side effects which made me think that I probably have chronic lyme. If that is the case, is there an alternative for those who reside in endemic areas?
About a month later (and after stopping the astragalus), I started with the eleutheroccus tincture. Almost immediately (within hours), it lifted my depression but after a few days, I started with all over hurting (joints, muscles, stiff neck, etc.). Is it possible that it over stimulated my immune system? I continued to take the eleuthero for a few weeks and have been off it for about 10 days with no decrease in the inflammation. I also feel as though I got reinfected and this may have been coincidental to the eleuthero. I am very sensitive to foods, supplements, etc. but had no problem with the core protocol. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated!!

Stephen’s response:
I would immediately add teasel tincture. Begin with 3 drops 3x daily and then, if your symptoms do not resolve in three or four days, increase to 10 drops, and so on until your symptoms resolve. Once you are feeling better I would suggest you use a 1:5 eleutherococcus tincture and see how that works for you, 10-30 drops 3x daily. It is much easier on the system and is more of a long term tonic. The side effects you mention I have never heard of in relation to taking eleutherococcus so I donโ€™t really know what to say about what generated them.
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