Dear Stephen,
I got lyme disease after I had my daughter. I always wanted to have another child, but since I got lyme, I just gave the idea up. I was on your core protocol for about 13 months and now my symptoms are very much under control. I’m basically fighting bartonella now, even though ‘energetic’ test (ART) still finds borrelia in my body. My ‘magic herb’ was andrographis, which is an aborticide. I only stopped andrographis 2 weeks ago for the first time and now I am trying to take very low amounts of Japanese knotweed (high amounts cause me allergic reaction). I’m also on cat’s claw (PC-Samento, 8 drops/ day). These are all my lyme killers for the moment. I’m so much better now that I’m reconsidering the possibility of getting pregnant. I turned 40, so I guess I don’t have much more time to try. I would like to know if you would suggest a maintenance protocol during pregnancy, I mean, herbs that would not harm the fetus but keep borrelia under control. Would it be advisable to continue on knotweed and cats claw, probably adding eleutherococus? Are these herbs also passing through breast milk, I suppose? Thank you for your help.

Stephen’s response:
The literature and use of cat’s claw, astragalus, eleutherococcus, and stephania show no contraindications for pregnancy or conception and they should be safe for use. I would use these as a maintenance protocol. And yes, they will pass through breast milk, the only one I would have any caution for during breast feeding is the stephania which I would reduce or stop during that period.
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