Dear Stephen,
Do you think garlic is an exceptional plant to add for someone with lyme? You don’t say anything about it in your book, and I keep reading so much about it. Thanks a lot!

Stephen’s response:
I have written a lot about garlic over the past 20 years, especially in my book Herbal Antibiotics. However, for lyme I do not think it a primary herb for treatment.

It can be a useful adjunct in that regular garlic in the diet does help raise immune function. But as a direct antibacterial for lyme I think it useless. The primary reason is that lyme is exceptionally systemic and goes deep within a number of tissues. Therefore any herb to be used as an antibacterial must be able to penetrate to these difficult to reach areas. Garlic, in my experience, does not.

The primary herbs that can be of potential benefit must possess the capacity to go systemic, like malarial herbs, or to cross the blood/brain barrier, like polygonum or andrographis. A lot of people have been using garlic for lyme for at least a decade. Reports from users do not indicate it to be a primary herb for the eradication of the disease. Too many of them show no or only minor relief from its use. So, I like it as a diet adjunct for stimulating immune function and health, not as an antibacterial in this condition.

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