Dear Stephen,
I tried an MS bee venom protocol for lyme. When I reached 18 stings 3 times per week, it set off a hypersensitive gag reflex. My doctor said my immune system is out of control and gave me two steroids to reboot my immune system: methylprednisolone then hydrocortisone. It worked for a while, but now the gagging and coughing are coming back. The gagging is set off by trivial things like mild hunger, looking down or to the right, and seems to be worst in the morning when there is some drainage in my throat. Any herbal ideas on how to stop the gagging? For my lyme infection, I’m taking mesosilover, cat’s claw, and siberian ginseng.
Stephen’s response:
I would suggest 10 drops ailanthus tincture, 3x daily for a couple of weeks ( carries it). I would also suggest the use of black pepper essential oil. Just open the bottle and take a whiff 3x daily for a few days to a week. I would also highly suggest knotweed for the lyme.
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