Dear Stephen,
I am a 43 yr-old male, was diagnosed with lyme in July 06 (Bowen test) after 1.5 years of symptoms (visual disturbance, eye pain / irritation / swelling, fatigue, brain fog, mild vertigo / wooziness, head / eye / tmj / sinus pressure). I have followed the Cowden protocol for 5-6 months so far (i.e., nutramedix quina / cumanda alternating, and then samento, while detoxing w/ burbur, mineral & enzyme support), as well as vitamins – B12/ folic, C, alpha-lipoic acid, taurine, quercetin, amino acids. I have had some improvement in the first couple of months but in the last two months continue to get herxheimer reactions / transitory symptom worsening. I got a particularly strong reaction from samento, and my GP put me back on cumanda / quina for a few cycles before reintroducing samento. I like my GP a lot but I don’t feel this protocol is really tailored to me individually. I recently got Healing Lyme and read about your protocol and am considering adding in andrographis and japanese knotweed to my current protocol (not before consulting my GP) and just wondered if you had any suggestions.

Stephen’s response:
For your specific symptoms I would suggest stephania (for all the eye problems), knotweed (to counter general spirochete initiated inflammation), and eleutherococcus. These should go a long way toward helping your particular symptoms.
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