Dear Stephen,
I’m treating my Crohn’s disease with cat’s claw (Uncaria tomentosa) for four years now. The results are amazing, really, and I feel much better now. But I’ve read that uncaria tomentosa is also a contraceptive. I always wondered at what dosage it is, and how long it takes to stop being effective when you stop taking it. Here in France, people don’t know much about uncaria and can’t answer me. Can you? Thanks a lot, and my apologies for my English.

Stephen’s response:
Cat’s claw has traditionally been used in South America as a contraceptive or to induce abortions but this is a piece of repeated information that circulates like most rumors. No one seems to know how the herb does that or if it does or if the herbs is used individually or with other herbs to produce that outcome. However, in suggesting the herb it makes sense to be clear that this may be a problem. I can’t seem to find any information on dosage for those effects either. If you stop the herb, within 30 days your system will be clear of its effects.
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