Dear Stephen,
In your book you write that resveratrol affects cancer at three stages of its life cycle : Initiation, promotion and progression. You also write that resveratrol can inhibit human breast cell cancers. In an earlier question in this forum you answered that resveratrol can have a minute negative effect on breast cancer. So I get somewhat confused – does resveratrol have a negative effect on breast cancer or a positive effect as you state in your book? Is it safe to continue with resveratrol (Source Naturals brand) with a breast cancer diagnosis? Do you know any herb that could have a positive effect on breast cancer and lyme? After a long time of treatment with antibiotics and your herbal protocol, I am much better but still have some symptoms left – a burning sensation in my feet and my fingers and hands. Kind regards and thank you for your true commitment and great help.

Stephen’s response:
Resveratrol is an isolated constituent from (usually) grapes or Japanese knotweed. In my discussion of knotweed in the book I talk about some of the effects of resveratrol. However, the important thing is the knotweed, NOT the resveratrol. I only suggested resveratrol when the book was written because that was the only form in which knotweed could be purchased. Essentially, the Source Naturals resveratrol is a standardized knotweed formulation. I now generally recommend the use of a whole knotweed preparation from Green Dragon Botanicals. However, to answer your question more directly, resveratrol (and a number of other constituents in knotweed) INHIBIT cancer formation and help in reducing existing tumors.
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