Dear Stephen,
My question is about the likelihood of lyme being transmitted sexually and specifically if that would manifest itself as bloody semen. I have been diagnosed with lyme for about 2 years now and my husband and I have been together for 5. Within the last 6 months he’s been uncharacteristically tired and a week or so ago, we noticed a small amount of blood in his semen. Of course, his doctor feels its a common occurance in men around 50, that its probably an infection and gave him a round of antibiotics. Do you see this related in any way to lyme? I have had a number of genito-urinary issues with lyme and it seems strangely coincidental to me. Is this discussed in any of your books? Our preference is to treat him herbally but are unsure of where to start. Any ideas?

Stephen’s response:
I have never heard of blood in the semen as a problem in lyme infection. As to the tiredness I would recommend pine pollen tincture (see my new book The Natural Testosterone Plan for men) and eleutherococcus tincture as per the lyme book. These will both help his tiredness. If blood in urine or semen continues to occur it could be something serious, however, this does happen occasionally from a variety of causes, just a small broken blood vessel for instance, and is often no cause for alarm. Just one of those things. So, I would wait and see if it is continuing before getting too wound up about it. Write again if it continues.
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