Dear Stephen,
I’ve been on antibiotic treatment for chronic lyme for 3 months and have been successfully healing but not 100%. During the 3rd month I decided to try Japanese knotweed (360 mg per day). After 2 days, I developed a few blood blisters on my lips and a blood vessel in my eye became inflamed. I know it is a blood thinner. I understand the benefits of knotweed but was wondering if I should try a smaller dose or just not take it all. I would like to be off the antibiotics and try the core protocol to continue to heal and strengthen my body. Suggestions?
Stephen’s response:
I haven’t seen this complication before and yes, beginning with a smaller dose is a good idea. It is the primary herb I recommend for lyme but you can try substituting stephania. EGCG can also help. I do think cat’s claw essential.
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