Dear Stephen,
I am currently on the Sida acuta/hawthorn/etc. protocol for bartonella. Can you please describe briefly what each herb does? Is there any point in taking this protocol for more than 30 days, and if so, for how long can I stay on this protocol?
Stephen’s response:
Sida is a systemic antibiotic (described in depth in the new, very long, expanded edition of Herbal Antibiotics, just now out). It is specific for protecting red blood cells from bartonella organisms which invade the cells themselves. The bacteria also causes endothelial hyperplasia, so some of the herbs are specifically protective of the endothelial layer (erythromycin will also do this), the bacteria often impacts the heart which the hawthorn protects, and the liver which the milk thistle protects. The bacteria also causes specific inflammations in the body which a number of the other herbs are designed to counteract.

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