Dear Stephen,
My daughter’s LLMD has had her on the Cowden Protocol (cumanda, banderol, serrapeptase, burbur, samento, enula) and now wants her to add andrographis. Is andrographis safe with the Cowden herbs and how should it be spaced from other supplements and vitamins? He recommended working up to (3) 2x day but all of the products say (1) 2x day. (Nature’s Way, Planetary Herbal). How much should she safely take? Thank you for your time and valuable guidance.

Stephen’s response:
Yes, they can be used together. I don’t think spacing is necessary unless she likes it better that way. I think the maximum safe dosage is 16 tablets per day for a 160 pound person, or one tablet per ten pounds of body weight. I would normally start with a light dose and work up, making sure there are NO allergic reactions.
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